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Your Body and its Message

22 February 2022

Pressing snooze on the sensations your body is sending you is a form of self harm…

So why do we do this?

Why do we behave as if our body is this “thing” we just happen to call home. We treat it so complacently, often with total disregard, yet it is the vehicle that gifts us the experience of being human.

Here’s what I’ve learnt through my own experience:

+ There is a saying about youth being wasted on the young; I’d also add health is wasted on the healthy! Our human nature is to take for granted so many gifts in life and health is usually only a priority once it’s been severely compromised or lost

+ We live and work in a culture that rewards us for cerebral excellence. We don’t get schooled about the importance of processing emotions and managing stress when we are kids because there’s no prize-giving for understanding our physical self or what it means to be human. Some of the most intelligent people I’ve met are utterly disconnected from themselves

+ Pain is an inconvenient and unwelcome messenger, but somewhere in our nervous system and limbic brain we recognise this; it’s just too uncomfortable to look at. We’re too “busy” climbing the culturally acceptable ladders of success to listen to our own experiences & they impact they have on us

+ We are taught that symptoms are there to be suppressed. With prescription drugs, with recreational drugs, with addictions and maladaptive coping strategies. We’re definitely happier being comfortably numb. Taking responsibility for health means being accountable, investing financially and emotionally and changing well worn patterns of behaviour. It’s easier to just take the pain meds, right?

If we had an approach to the body that was one of reverence and awe, that was alive and attuned to the remarkable truth of our magnificence then our entire human experience would be so different.

If you could pause for just 5 minutes each day and listen to the intelligence from within and REALLY hear and then ACT on this exchange, how do you think this would create meaningful change for your health?

Snoozing those sensations never ends well. I’m here to help you wake up and understand how to listen.

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