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Updates to Stillpoint Clinic and Services

2 December 2023

It’s almost the end of 2023 and as you probably know, this is the only newsletter I’ve sent out this year! I’m sorry this one is a bit of a bumper edition, but if you’re an existing client that is seeing me regularly, please take a moment to read through to the end so you understand the changes I am implementing.

I hope you are all well and getting used to the shift in seasons. I can’t say that I am a fan of the darker days and I find myself already longing for more sunshine and blue skies. Trying to lean into winter in a more positive way when I can, and I am happy that the sea temperatures are back down and cold water swimming is back to what I think is “properly cold”!

So what’s been happening and what can you look forward to from Stillpoint in 2024?

I can’t believe that it has been almost two years since I opened the clinic at The Health Space in St. Martins. Time has flown by and especially these past 12 months. I’ve been so busy that I had to stop taking on new clients…at the time of writing, in person sessions are still only available to existing clients.

As new space opens up and existing clients need less support, this will of course create new opportunity. If you are on my waiting list currently, please know that you aren’t forgotten.

A blended, multi-disciplinary approach

My passion and desire to keep learning is no surprise to any of you that work with me regularly. We are at a pivotal time in terms of our understanding of how the mind and body relationship works and I’m forever in awe of what there is still to learn. How little we still seem to know, but also how much we’ve forgotten – what ancient and indigenous peoples have known for centuries that the western world has conveniently tried to distract us from.

This is in part why I have prioritised continued professional development over the past 5 years….I know that a multi-disciplinary approach is what helped me the most when I was really ill with chronic autoimmune issues. There is no “one size fits all” because we exist within a body that holds all of our unique life experiences. Whether we have metabolised these or not, what I know for sure is that these are what drive our health and how this might manifest as physical symptoms.

There is so much to say here on this topic and I digress…so what has this changed at Stillpoint and what will this look like for you, the client?

I’m grateful for all of the learning I’ve been privileged to access over recent years, all of which has been delivered by some of the most formative teachers in the field of trauma and mind/body medicine…Dr Gabor Mate, Dr Peter Levine, Dianne Poole Heller, Dr Raja Selvam, to name a few, as well as some of the most respected and experienced craniosacral teachers.

I started Stillpoint originally as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist but my approach has expanded quite extensively since then. Whether I am working with a client using my hands or we are in a talk therapy session, everything I do now draws upon this extensive and complementary blend of modalities.

The common denominator though is still the body. If you come to me for talk therapy, I will bring in awareness of the body, it’s sensations and the autonomic responses that often manifest as life-long protective patterns. We continue to live in a culture that prioritises “thinking and doing” rather than “feeling and being” and it’s almost a radical act of rebellion to stand in the face of this every day and choose the latter!

This is why the scope of my work now blends all of this knowledge. Some is informed by the latest scientific findings in neuroscience, and much is rooted in eastern philosophy and wisdom that is finally being proven to have profound and direct impacts on our physiological wellbeing. The impact of working directly and closely with some of the foremost teachers in these fields has allowed me to gain huge insight into all of these areas, which I have already been passing on to you, my clients, for the past 18 months.

This means that when clients come to see me, unless they have a preference for one approach, we will work with many that I tailor to each and every person. Working within safe limits, yet gently helping clients grow capacity, we work together in order to process and create greater tolerance to all emotions and the impact this has on our health.

So Stillpoint Health is no longer a clinic that supports just craniosacral therapy. Which is why I have changed the branding to include the wording “somatic therapy” which encompasses all of the modalities I have described above. (Somatic meaning relating to the body and not just the mind). The website will also be updated in the New Year to explain in more detail how these approaches are mutually supportive and I expect to be certified in Somatic Psychology in February, 2024.

Clinic Move

I’ve been very happy in my little room at The Health Space in St. Martins, but as everything else in my practice has developed, I feel it’s time for a change. There are multiple reasons for this move, and from January 9th 2024, my clinic will be run from my home in the Vale.

Privacy and confidentiality will of course still be upheld in this space and if anything, I feel this is a more secure and quiet location. There is parking at the front of my house in the driveway or in the road. You’ll come into the clinic by coming up the front path and to the front door.

The email confirmations and reminders that go out for any sessions booked from January 9th 2024 will include the updated address and directions.

All sessions up to and including 19th December 2023 will be at the current clinic space.

Some general housekeeping updates


In order that I can manage my diary more effectively to work around everything else I’m doing in life, you can still request a session by going to the website here:


However you won’t have access to the booking system directly anymore, so when I receive your request I will respond with some suggested session times. Or you can email me directly at:

You’ll still receive the confirmation emails and text reminders, but with the updated clinic address from January 9th 2024.


You’ll see on the new online booking form that you can now request sessions in person or online. At the moment, hands on sessions are conducted in person if you want cranio as part of your treatment. More of my session work includes psychotherapeutic talk therapy, however we are still working with the body.

I’ve worked with multiple clients online very successfully and often some clients prefer being in the comfort of their own home for sessions. I’ve also completed a distance craniosacral training, which takes us into the realms of quantum healing and I have had some astounding results with this too! More on this in the Spring.

If you want to book in person sessions, please know that after January I will be offering a limited number on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ONLY. Once those spaces are filled I will be offering a number of sessions that are conducted online. I don’t use Zoom as a platform for this as I don’t feel it is a secure enough platform, I prefer a dedicated Telehealth System that offers more security which I pay for. This is a simple process where you receive a link to join the telehealth session from your email confirmation when the session is booked.


As I have a waiting list and high demand for sessions, from December 1st 2023 if you want to book multiple sessions (anymore than two) I will request payment upfront in order to secure those slots. Please let me know on the booking form how many sessions you are looking for. I do offer a 10% discount for 6 or more sessions booked in advance.

January is already filling up so please know that the usual booking lead time is around 4 weeks at the moment.


My pricing hasn’t increased since I opened the clinic in St. Martins. Since then I have continually invested in my development (probably close to another £10,000 of training) and this, coupled with cost of living hikes, means that from 1st March 2024 I’ll be increasing the cost of sessions. More details on this to follow nearer that time.

Note: Any sessions booked before then as part of a block will be charged at the current rates.

(I have offered concessions to various clients over the past two years. If you are currently paying a reduced fee, please know I will discuss this with you in person or by private email.)

And Finally

I’ll send out another quick email before Christmas with the new clinic address and map so it’s in one handy message.

I want to thank all of my clients for their support over the past two years as Stillpoint has grown. I am very much looking forward to continuing to serve and deepen my practice as these changes come to fruition.

In health

P.S. Here’s a little glimpse of the new clinic space…

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