• The Relationship between the Jaw and the Pelvis

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The Relationship between the Jaw and the Pelvis

2 September 2021

Craniosacral therapy works with the biomechanics of the cranial bones and the dural tube, which is a dense sheath of connective tissue that houses the brain, spinal cord, and cerebrospinal fluid.

Tensions and imbalances in the jaw can have an effect on the membranes connecting the dura to the skull and affect where it is tethered below in the sacrum and the pelvis.

Uneven pressures and pulling in the sacral area can, in turn, affect the cranial attachments and lead to pain, dysfunction, and other symptoms on either end of the craniosacral system.

This uneven distribution can cause a multitude of symptoms across all body systems from your cardiovascular to your neurologic, musculoskeletal and gut.

Tensions held in the jaw can manifest as tightness, jaw misalignment, TMJ issues and can go on to affect the throat and cervical spine. This is often made worse by teeth grinding, stress and holding in anger or suppressing our words.

This will always be reflected in the pelvic bowl and especially the hips. Stress and fight or flight responses that have not been discharged often show up simultaneously in both the jaw and the pelvis.

If I have a client with jaw issues I can guarantee that their hips and the pelvic bowl/sacrum will show up as I’m working at the mandible!

As above, so below.

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