• You cannot heal in the same environment where you got sick

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You cannot heal in the same environment where you got sick

2 February 2020

Following on from one of my other posts, where I wrote about healing being a non-linear process; this is another cornerstone belief of mine: YOU CANNOT HEAL IN THE SAME ENVIRONMENT WHERE YOU GOT SICK.

Perhaps “environment” means the physical space where you live, your home. Maybe your relationships with those you share your home space with are toxic?

Maybe it’s the town or city that you live in that’s the issue? Increasingly, we see so many people displaced by war or asylum. Living in a literal war zone of fear and control.

And sometimes it’s not any of those places, it’s the self or the soma that we inhabit. Our physical body. What if that’s the environmental issue and it feels like it’s impossible to escape?

It IS possible to live within a sick or diseased or traumatized body and heal, BUT we need to reframe how we “live” in this environment.

It is possible to co-exist with pain and suffering within your body and to know health. By learning how to hear the body’s wisdom, to find the stillness where health resides is hard. But possible.

You can change this environment you inhabit if you choose acceptance and a listening ear. You can change this environment once you accept that pain is a teacher. You can change this environment if you acknowledge yourself as whole, and not broken, because vibrant health does not always mean what we’re conditioned to believe.

There is always a way to redefine this environmental relationship with ourselves, allowing us to co-exist with health and sickness at the same time.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy looks for this in Stillness and in the intelligence within the fluids of the body.

For anyone struggling with chronic health conditions, know that whilst it’s so hard to exist on a day to day level with this reality, there are ways to redefine health and reorient to yourself with work, patience and the right practitioner.

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