• Third Ventricle of the Brain & The Pineal Gland

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Third Ventricle of the Brain & The Pineal Gland

14 December 2020

The third ventricle is located at the centre of the brain. The walls of this ventricle contain both the pituitary and pineal glands.

The obscurely functioning pineal gland is surrounded by mystery but is known to regulate the reproductive system and our biological clock. It is often considered to be the seat of the soul. In adulthood, crystals form in the pineal gland, sometimes referred to as “brain sand”.

These have been found to contain biogenic magnetite, the same substance that gives migrating birds their sense of direction.

They may also function like other types of crystal, as amplifiers of energy. In this way, these crystals may assist in the uptake of potency of the Breath of Life, as it enters the cerebrospinal fluid.

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