• The Trauma Connection

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The Trauma Connection

16 February 2022

Trauma sufferers experience very deep loss and often don’t realise how this absence of connection contributes to keeping the nervous system “stuck”.

From my own experience and healing, these critical losses are really experienced as broken connections to or with just some of the following :

Especially from a somatic perspective. We exist mostly in our heads cutting ourselves off from the felt-sense in the body & become unable to “hear” our bodily messages

Frozen and implicit memories wreak havoc on the nervous system; it takes a lot of reserves for the system to keep this stuff down/in & deep fatigue is a common result

We are either responding from/to events from our past or catastrophising about the future

We lose our connection to the energy that runs through all of life, both us as humans and the natural world

Trauma robs us of so much, but it is possible to rebuild these vital connections if we learn to understand how our nervous system needs the correct care and attention.

Craniosacral Therapy is a deeply profound process which enables the system to slowly down-regulate and to come back to the ever present underlying health.

Learning through this therapy how to notice the patterns in our bodies and in our external surroundings, brings us back into a space of communion with who we really are…only once we reach this place and feel safe can healing begin.

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