• The Emotional Sensation Wheel

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The Emotional Sensation Wheel

30 July 2021

I really love the simple concept of the Emotional Sensation Wheel.

Finding other words to describe our basic feelings and emotions helps us to identify with them on a deeper level (the second layer on the wheel) and then being able to describe how those emotions and feelings may arise in the physical body (the outer layer on the wheel) connects us to our felt-sense, somatically.

Whilst this may seem very obvious, it’s surprising how we live our lives in a generic state of “mind” in our heads. We don’t always realise how disconnected we are from our selves. This is especially true for those that have remained “stuck” in various levels of maladaptive nervous system states.

Especially when coming out of freeze, we need to really learn what our emotions feel like. Connecting us back to our bodies and to safety.

Chronically traumatized clients need guidance and a gentle, titrated approach with this.

It’s worth really checking in with yourself, at least once a day, to identify your emotional state and then connect that to how it might be feeling in your body.

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" Jo is so lovely, calm, knowledgeable, reassuring and gentle. I particularly like that, unlike many therapists, there is no talking about issues but more feeling and freeing the body. I experienced a feeling of "lightness" and mind ... "



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