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The body is a remarkable thing

3 June 2021

The body is a remarkable thing. We are taught to prioritise intellectualism and higher thought processes.

These of course have a place in both life and learning, but in the context of trauma and pain, you cannot truly release those experiences through talk therapy alone.

Often it’s an integrated approach for many people, others, release comes via a somatic, body-focused therapeutic touch.

Sometimes we don’t need to retell our stories. We can give over to the wisdom in our bodies and our systems, that have an innate intelligence and know what the priority of treatment should be.

The human system can also determine if the therapeutic touch that is present has the capacity to hold what it wants to release!

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy will hold a neutral space for the system to express what it perhaps has had to hold onto for many, many years.

Therapists don’t necessarily need to hear the back story, a knowing, neutral touch can decipher what the body needs to say.

This quote is a particular favourite of mine for that reason. Reminding me that the physical body knows at all times what it can contain and when it can’t, it does the best it can until pathologies develop.

However you choose to interpret this quote, know that whilst there is trauma in your “mind” it’s really the body that will dictate how and when the conditions are right for you to process this.

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