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Solidarity For The Sick

3 December 2021

I have an aversion to the culture within holistic health that touts healing is solely the responsibility of the unwell individual.

And that if you don’t heal (and that’s a whole other post; the definition of health and healing), you are somehow failing.

That you aren’t getting the “signs from the universe”, or you don’t understand how to “manifest getting well”.

Whilst it is true that we ARE responsible for taking the action required to improve our own state of health, the manifestation of illness is a complex process, bespoke to the person and their unique life experience.

There are many factors beyond the personal responsibility of the sick that are often ignored. The wider web we all exist within of grossly unhealthy cultures & modern living; the impact of inter-generational trauma and more…

Trauma is not something that happens to us as an individual event whilst we’re standing alone. It’s always relational. It’s always broader than us; but those that are left carrying the scars are often made to believe this is all on them.

The propensity to add blame to those who remain unwell, despite doing all of the things they perceive to be “healing” is adding a burden of shame & further isolation.

This finger-pointing often comes from those that haven’t walked the path of brokenness. From the viewpoint of theory or simple ignorance.

The complexities of returning to a state of considered health are deep and nuanced. There is no linear, follow-the-steps-and-you’re-you-again programme.

The sooner this becomes the truthful baseline that we can accept as the ground from which wellness can arise, the better.

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