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Healing is Rarely Linear

25 January 2022

Most of the healing processes I see clients go through are rarely straight-forward and certainly not linear.

Whether this is working with physical injuries or emotional distress, the body needs time and often more than one nudge in the right direction to return to a state of health.

When this happens, it’s easy to feel discouraged. We live in a world of instant gratification and we expect our bodies and minds to fall into this pattern too.

Whilst there are superficial levels of healing that will absolutely bring relief, chronic health issues are complex and multi-layered. They require a practitioner that can hold a space broad enough and deep enough to let the body touch into this possibility, but to also create the foundation of trust and safety that is fundamental to this work.

Regular medicine usually can’t offer this approach; GP’s are given ten minute slots with their patients. Think about that for a moment. Ten minutes. To be heard, witnessed and healed. And that doesn’t leave any room to address the importance of the therapeutic relationship, let alone the healing.

I’m hopeful for a more integrated future for healthcare. Of course I respect the general practice of medicine, but I believe in a whole-person approach where patients often need a collaborative network of support. One that allows practitioners to work together and provide a broader foundation of intelligent care.

We have to start to shift the narrative and belief that everyone has the ability to reconnect with the underlying health in the body, given enough time and patience and holding.

Dropping the illusion of straight lines to wellness, embracing a multi-disciplinary system and a deeper faith in the body’s ability to heal.

Time, communication, education, safety and empathy are my foundations at Stillpoint Health. I’m going to be looking to collaborate with other like-minded practitioners in my community who share this belief system.

More on this soon.

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