• Crippling Anxiety

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Crippling Anxiety

22 January 2022

Crippling anxiety keeps us stuck in our thoughts and detaches us from the sensations in our bodies.

By shifting our awareness from the mind to the now of our internal felt-sense, we can bring ourselves back into the present moment and build a connection with our feelings via the body.

The next time you are feeling “stuck” in your head, try to gently notice and then shift your awareness to the sensations in the body.

Maybe your tummy feels tight? Perhaps you notice you’re holding tension in your jaw? Are your shoulders tensed?

When switching our awareness in this way we can start to come into relationship with emotions as they are experienced in the body. By building an awareness of our felt-sense in this way we can learn to down regulate the nervous system and connect with what needs to be heard and processed.

Go at your own pace, don’t overwhelm or force, and most importantly know that your body is always working to keep you safe.

You Say

" As a woman of a certain age I have bumbled through peri-menopause and now well into menopause. The anxiety, sleepless nights, the complete lack of self confidence has been, and still is, at times, crippling. When I heard about ... "



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